What if the “good girl” rules you learned growing up are keeping you from becoming a vibrant, fulfilled woman?

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I’m Liz Applegate, an Empowerment Coach for women in their 40’s and beyond as well as the host of the Midlife Schmidlife podcast. I help women break the good girl rules to stop shoulding on themselves, quiet their self-doubt voices and create their maybe someday dreams.

First, I want to share that I use the term “midlife” on my website and in my blog posts. I know that if you are in your 40’s you most likely don’t see yourself as in “midlife.” I get it, I didn’t either!  But I see “midlife” not as an age bracket but more of a time when your life feels in transition and you are tired of playing by someone else’s rules.  You are looking at how the “should’s” have dictated decisions and you begin questioning how you got here and where you want to go. You also realize that a lot of time has been wasted and you aren’t willing to settle any longer. My own life was a roller coaster throughout my 40’s and I began to question who I was, what I wanted and how to live with renewed purpose and passion. My own journey, society’s negative message around aging, lack of resources or a positive vibrant voices were the catalyst for me wanting to help women, just like you.

“Midlife is when the universe gently places her hands upon your shoulders, pulls you close, and whispers in your ear: It’s time.”

~Brené Brown

When women reach their 40’s many changes are taking place. Peri-menopause brings about physical changes while children growing up and leaving an empty nest brings emotional ones. Careers can become lifeless, marriages can seem outgrown. Activities that light us up are in the distant past. It’s easy to feel as if we are disappearing with our best years behind us.

Midlife can have us wondering “Is this all there is?”

Here is the truth: Our “be a good girl” rules are at play.

As a child we were taught not to be loud, not to be bossy, not to be too inquisitive; don’t get dirty, don’t disagree, don’t take up too much space; be lady-like, be passive, be cordial. Frankly, this translated for many of us into…

“Be nice…at any cost.”

But the cost is high.

Self-care has been pushed aside. Boundaries rarely exist. Many don’t know how to ask for what they want, much less even know what they want. Passions have been sacrificed. Careers may have been chosen not out of passion but out of practicality. Hobbies have been put on hold. Society’s “shoulds” dictate our decisions and we’ve forgotten who we are.

But it can change if we are willing to recognize how this has shaped us.

You can quit playing small with those “be a good girl” rules and begin living as a passionate, happy and fulfilled woman.

You can rediscover who you are or maybe even discover yourself for the very first time. You can change careers, start that business, start new hobbies, learn a new language, dance naked, buy that sexy lingerie (and wear it!), dust off that miniskirt, take that trip, cut off your hair, get that tattoo, feel happiness within the empty nest and learn to love yourself.


And that’s what lights me up:

Empowering women to live their best (mid)life.

I’m here to help quiet the inner mean girl, challenge those old “be a good girl” rules, help you make peace with fear and discover, maybe for the very first time, what lights you up and brings you joy.

Consider this your permission slip to dream big and turn your “maybe somedays” into today.

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