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Feel like you are at a crossroads in life?

Wanting that second (third, fourth or maybe fifth) chance for positive change and the opportunity to go after those long-forgotten dreams?

That may mean ditching the 9-5 to start your own business, traveling the world and checking off your bucket list. Or maybe even adopting a vegan lifestyle.

One thing is for sure, you’ve reached a point in life when you know the time is “now” – even if the changes go against the “should’s” of your friends and family.

You are no longer willing to live by the expectations of others and are tired of waiting for “someday”.

You are ready to live your truth.

You are ready to (re)create the life you want to live.

No one can expect to grow without mentoring, structure, and support. Liz offers the right balance of listening, empathy, feedback and patience to clarify where you are now, and what direction you want to take.
Deborah W Dickson

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