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The Tada! Cafe {FREE}

Tada Café – as in Ta-da! {Arms thrown overhead, in a “look what I just did” pose – you know like you just did a cartwheel.}

Wouldn’t it be great to believe that you could do cartwheels again?

And that’s what the Tada Café is all about – a place to believe in your dreams and take steps to achieve them.

The Tada Café is a private community on Facebook of women supporting one another through the crazy “middle years” – where we know we are getting older (yikes!) with realities of empty nests and caring for parents but also wanting to believe that it’s not too late to start that business, learn a new hobby, write that novel, or travel to far off adventures.

This is a place to offer support through the challenges and celebrate through the triumphs. Look for fun challenges, activities and features to come along as well.

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