My first prompt during the Brave Blogging Workshop is “25 Things About Me”. Since this is also my first entry in {Midlife Schmidlife}, it seems even more appropriate to share details that stand out for me in the last 49 (plus) years.

So lets get this started…

25 Random Things About Me

  1. When I was young I had an overbite that led to the nickname “Bucky Beaver”. To this day, l am still conscious of my smile.
  2. I was born in Cape Canaveral, Florida where my father, age 19, was interning at NASA.
  3. At age 6, I began collecting penguins with a floating soap dish from Avon. At last count I had over 100 penguins figurines, stuffed animals and kitchen items.
  4. My dream as a child was to grow up and be a WeekiWachee Mermaid.
  5. My parents divorced when I was 10 years old.
  6. My sister and I would knock on the adjoining wall at bed time – we thought we were using Morse Code but really it was just us saying good night to one another.
  7. I knew that I would have sons since I was very young.
  8. I taught myself the American Sign Language alphabet in third grade after reading a story about Helen Keller. I would practice “being blind” by not using lights at night. To this day, I still navigate a dark house with ease.
  9. In 9th grade, my friend and I smuggled vodka in hairspray bottles to make Screw Drivers during lunch.
  10. My oboe playing career in junior high school orchestra was cut short when I broke my arm attempting to pop a wheelie on my sister’s bicycle.
  11. I loved Social Studies so much in high school, I took so many history, sociology and psychology classes that the school wouldn’t allow me to take more of those classes my senior year. So I became a teacher’s assistant for the social studies department. Yay, public education!
  12. My first car was a stick-shift pea green 1972 Toyota Corolla Hatchback. I loved that car.
  13. I attended ITT Technical Institute right out of high school, majoring in engineering drafting technologies and was the only girl in the program. My goal was to become a retail merchandiser.
  14. My first drafting job was working for a commercial sprinkler design company. Dressed in a hardhat and pink pumps (this was the ’80’s after all) I was allowed to climb on scaffolding to see my design work in a commercial building. Because of that experience, I turned down a retail merchandising job two weeks later.
  15. At age 22, I moved from Tampa, Florida to Dallas, Texas as a contractor for MCI working as an associate engineer.
  16. I lost my job at MCI a little over a year later and was almost homeless.
  17. I was offered a position with my contracting company to move back to Florida after #16 (above), but in my words, “I don’t want to leave knowing that Dallas kicked my ass.”  27 years later, even though I eventually did end up back at MCI, I often feel like Dallas kicked my ass.
  18. I always thought men preferred Ginger to Mary Ann and wanted to be glamorous like her until I realized how high maintenance Ginger would be.
  19. My husband and I met the old fashioned way – at church.
  20. I’m an over-packer and want to come back in my next life as someone who can pack for 10 days in a carry-on bag.
  21. One of the few things on my bucket list is to snorkel with whale sharks.
  22. At age 47, I got my one and only tattoo on my back left shoulder that symbolizes the love that I have for my sons.
  23. I once had dreams of traveling to France and Italy but I now have dreams of visiting all of the National Parks in the US.
  24. I am a vegetarian with vegan tendencies.
  25. I believe the only people who tell me that “age is just a number” or “turning 50 is no big deal” are people who are over 50 or those who haven’t been faced with turning 50 yet.

I chose to show up in my list just as I have in my life: real and whole, messy and imperfect.

Want to know the good thing about messy and imperfect? We open the door for others to live the same.

I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below of 5 random things about you. You can share the light and funny and even the real and whole, messy and imperfect. I can’t wait to learn more about you.