Ever have one of those moments that reminds you of how to act Christ-like? Something so powerful that it brings tears to your eyes and ask God forgiveness for falling so short?

I had one of those moments this morning.

I live in North Texas, just north of Dallas and around 5:00 am we began experiencing what sounded like thunderstorms rolling through; there was lightning and thunder but instead of rain there was snow. Not enough to cause school and business closings as it sometimes happens here but enough to make the wind frigidly cold. It was 31 degrees this morning as I drove to work.

giveAs I was exiting the freeway, I saw a pan-handler. I have seen her before as the intersection is frequented by many people who I assume are homeless and are asking for money from passersby.

I’m not sure why but I didn’t give her any money. I was in the other lane, I reasoned. It was cold outside and I’d have to open my window. I have made it a point to not give money to panhandlers after all there are programs where they can receive help. I’ve given plenty of times to panhandlers in the past. I already support and volunteer for so organizations. Plus we currently are working to get past debt that has built over a couple of years of major home and car repairs, medical bills and bad investments.

I had my reasons and my excuses – not that my guilt didn’t tug at my heart.

Waiting at the light – in the wrong lane to offer a hand-out, don’t forget –  I saw a car pull up beside the lady. This young man searched through his belongs, found his wallet and handed her some money. He was about 25 years old.

Right there, was Jesus in a black knit hat diving a Mitsubishi and my eyes filled with tears.

Right there, on a cold winter’s morning, I witnessed Christ. A young man with a modest car didn’t offer excuses – he offered a gift.

And whether he gave this woman a quarter, a dollar a $20 bill or more – I was given a reminder of how I am called to live.