Elizabeth Applegate

Change is hard even if it’s for the best.

Change can be voluntary, a decision made by others or just life throwing a curve ball.

But in the process, you can be left wondering who you are now and why things that once made you happy are now leaving you feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied.

Life’s transitions can leave you asking many questions about who you are today.

Its easy to find yourself questioning who you are. Your identity has changed and it’s what I call an “identity shift”

  • Once a daughter and now your parents’ caregivers.
  • Once married and now divorced.
  • Once single and now married with step-children.
  • Always their mother but now the kids have flown the nest and don’t “need” you any longer.
  • Once a 20 year corporate employee and now a budding entrepreneur.

And let’s be honest, you just want to be happy about the life you are living. You want purpose and passion but are wondering if it’s too late…if life has passed you by.

That’s where I can help.

I’m Liz Applegate. A transformational life coach who specializes in helping you navigate life transitions with ease and celebration so that you can fall in love with your life.

Liz Applegate at ElizabethApplegate.comLike most women, I had times of transition through my 20’s and into my 30’s with marriage and birth of my three sons. Deep down, I felt that I had always been “too something”: too loud, too quiet, too pretty, too plain, too thin, too fat, too funny, too solemn, too young, too old.

It was exhausting bending to the desires of others and never feeling content for just being. At age 39, I found myself divorced, a single mom working for a non-profit and qualifying for poverty level income. Long-time friends disappeared and I didn’t know who I was or why I felt so lost.

I was scared, hurt and felt very alone. But in hindsight it was the best thing that happened to me.

I was told once that divorce was like throwing a deck of cards into the air and then running around catching the important ones. It’s a brilliant analogy of that time in my life and I learned which cards really were worth catching…and the “Me” card was one of them.

Since that time I turned in my high heels for cowboy boots and flip flops, I’ve remarried, become a step-mom, a grandmother, a vegetarian, left my 9-to-5 and first created a marketing & virtual support business and then became a certified life coach.

I’ve gone through my own identity shift. I’ve learned to embrace where I’ve been and celebrate where I am headed.

I want to help you do the same.


Through my own transformation, I am more alive and live with intention. I’m surrounded by others who are nurturing and supportive.

I want this for you, too. And I believe you can have it.

Are you ready for your own possibilities?

Head over and see how we can work together on your own identity transformation.
I'm ready!

Being coached by Liz felt like floating in a pool on a summer day. I feel totally heard, supported, and welcomed by her at a time when I felt incredibly alone with my struggles. After our first session, I came away inspired, with fresh clarity on my unique value, and ready to take on the world.

Shila Soni

Life coach, Coaching with Shila Soni