A little about me…

Call me evenly matched “left brain/right brain” that can create a killer Facebook ad with graphics and copy, direct it to your target market  and then get giddy with the metrics. Call me your “best bet for a gal-Friday” that can handle your brainstorming, dreaming big and chunking the plan down into bite-sized actionable items. Heck, call me a “mythical creature like a unicorn” that can think logical processes as well as pretty design.

But really, just call me Liz.Headshot round

I struggled for a long time with the two sides of my personality – the “not quite” artistic side and the “not quite” analytic side. But I realized that coupled with my experience, I was a good match to help busy entrepreneurs just like you.

I’ve had my time of high-heels and corporate power lunches but these days I’m more into cowboy boots (or flip flops) and a cup of coffee (or red wine) with friends. I intentionally surround myself with the people I love and the people I admire.

This goes with friends as well clients.

I want to work with those who are passionate about their work. You know, the ones who get goosebumps when you talk about your business and the lives they have impacted. I want to serve those who need not just an assistant but who want someone who will grow and walk with them in the ever-changing landscape of online business trends.

I want to be your Business BFF.

My hopes are to inspire women to use their gifts in the present, build strength from their past and dream of the future to make the world a better place.

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