You’re almost there, Rule Breaker!

What’s next?

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Since you are interested in breaking the good girl rules, this is a wonderful time to consider signing up for a Hello Session with me. This complimentary 60-minute session can help you take the steps you need to work toward your goals of living a life filled with renewed purpose and happiness.

I know what it’s like to experience with the transitions of divorce, remarriage, blended families, kids moving out plus all of the physical realities of peri-menopause. Believe me when I share that my 40’s wore me out! I had lived all of this life and realized that I was still following rules that I learned when I was 5 years old! It was through my own experiences that led me to become a certified life coach and want to help other women, just like you, feel supported and cared for.

That’s what my Hello Session aims to do. It’s just you and me, on the phone at your convenience. We dive into what is happening in your life now and focus on what you want for the future. We’ll uncover self beliefs that may be keeping you stuck (and I bet some of them are those pesky good girl rules!) and we will also set a course to have you working toward the future.

Honestly, you have nothing to lose. The call is complimentary with no sales pitches. I do only offer 5 of these a month so don’t miss out on this opportunity. Click on the button below and schedule your Hello Session. I look forward to speaking with you.