I remember story time when my boys were little. Each of them had a favorite book they would choose: David would pick The Very Bad Bunny. Ben would choose There’s a Wocket in my Pocket!. And Alex’s favorite was The Rainbow Fish.

These stories were read so many times the boys could actually recite them – even before they knew how to read.

All of the boys knew what was coming next and yet always acted surprised as the page turned!

Ben would even prepare himself on the page before I turned it for the “vug under the rug” and the “Bofa on the sofa”  by covering his eyes or burying his face in a blanket (that was some seriously scary stuff right there, thank you Dr. Seuss!).

Have you considered the stories we tell ourselves are the same? We have them memorized and prepare ourselves before we even venture forward for what we know will happen.

Not sure what I mean?

Think of those little voices that come up at times that keep you from moving forward. From writing that novel…painting a picture…having your photograph taken…applying for a new job…asking for a raise…starting your own business, learning a new craft.

It’s the voices that say you aren’t good enough, creative enough, thin enough, experienced enough, deserving enough.

Maybe the story you are telling yourself over and over is like the “vug under the rug” – it’s something you can’t see but you assume is there and should be afraid of. It’s the unknown that you hold yourself back and avoid exploring the possibilities.

Or maybe it’s like the “Bofa on the sofa”- something foreboding that you have allowed to camp  in your space. This could be an unkind word spoken (even if it was unintentional)  about your projects that you have taken internally. Or the way you have felt your accomplishments were picked apart or never fully recognized.

Just like closing the cover of a Dr. Seuss book but still remembering when the page is turned and to be prepared, we allow others to write our stories when we hold onto these fictional ideas.

Yes, it may mean we need to work on our writing and practice our painting. It may mean that we don’t get the first new job we apply for. And you may have to work harder than ever to get your own business off the ground.

But it does mean the first steps toward the things we want so badly is a step closer.

Either way, these stories – are just stories. They are what we tell ourselves and what we choose to believe.

Be aware when those old scripts come up. Try to look for the reasons why and take a broader look at what you are telling yourself.

It’s easier said than done. I get that. But isn’t it time to put to rest the vugs and the Bofa’s?

Now it’s your turn: I would love to hear how you are taking steps to try something new, despite those old stories. Leave a comment below and share with me.

Remember, I believe in you!