There are signs of independence all around us in July. If you are in the USA, July 4th signifies the independence of our country and is celebrated with a display of fireworks.

Personally, I am also seeing the signs of independence in my family. My oldest son will be striking out as a young adult with a new adventure and moving to Seattle next month. Yes, it makes my “momma” heart sad to have him move so far away. But raising my children to be independent was always important to me and I feel this is just a sign of the direction that I was able to provide through the years.

For my other two sons, they will be moving back to college in August. There will be new apartments and new classes without all of the jitters from first year experiences. I’m watching all three of them grow and expand, taking bold steps forward into their own lives. Again, the moments of raising independent children can come to haunt me in my sadness but the pride that I feel for them generally overshadows the grief of a soon-to-be-empty-nest. (Don’t let the heroics fool you, tears flowed when I reread this paragraph.)

For me personally, this year, 2015 has brought an independent business with new clients and new programs developing. It’s been a year of taking bold steps myself as I finish out my certification as a life coach, rebranding my website and committing to growing my online presence. It certainly has been a big year so far.

And for my clients, such breakthroughs have been happening:

“You have the loving, ‘you can do this’, ‘you’ve got this’, ‘I have your back’ spirit. I can’t tell you how stuck I’ve been feeling and how unstuck I feel now. Thank you!” ~L.W.

“I want to thank you so much for the emails you’ve sent me– your first one arrived the week that I was planning to give my notice, and I referred to it several times as sort of a virtual “pep talk”. It really means a lot.” ~L.N.

Maybe it’s time for you to consider your own independence. You’ve been considering a fresh start but the reality of it all just keeps you stuck. Taking action on those dreams can seem very lonely but being independent doesn’t mean that you have to go it alone. Often there are supporters in the background cheering for you and offering kind words or a kick in the pants when needed.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone hold your hand as you take this big leap? I’d love to connect with you and get you moving in the right direction. I offer a free 20 minute clarity session that can start you on the path of independence. Book today and be ready to celebrate with your own fireworks.