Ever feel that you have everything you have ever wanted but still feel empty inside? Feeling stuck in a job or relationship?

Maybe even at 45+ you may still be asking, “What do I want to be when I grow up??”.  Or maybe you find yourself wishing you had taken a chance on something so long ago and are filled with regret.

Overwhelmed at everything on your plate but the thought of letting things go brings up fear pr other mixed emotions?

Maybe you are being bullied…by your inner mean girl.

All of these circumstances (and many, many more!) can be explored by the help of life coach.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a co-created relationship between a coach (me) and client (you). The relationship provides a non-judgmental and supportive space for the client to discover and begin working towards his or her goals. These goals can be achievements such as making a career jump or starting a business or the goals can also be more about how you want feel about your life and your place in the world. In both instances, your goals are around living your life, in a fulfilling and meaningful way that is unique to you.

What will we work on during coaching sessions?

Prior to our first session, you will receive a pre-session questionnaire that will provide me with insights into where you are wanting help the most. These questions can be rather eye-opening for you as well and you may realize many different areas you may want to work on. Our first session will be one of getting to know one another and defining and area of focus to begin. As life changes, so can our areas of exploration.

What will the coaching sessions look like?

I work one on one with my clients over the phone. This allows more flexibility around your schedule and from the privacy of your own home. No worries about what to wear or having your makeup on. Just 45 – 60 minutes where we work through topics of your choosing.

What is expected of a client (you)?

Your openness to make improvements and your willingness for honesty.


I am currently working on gaining my practicum hours to be a certified life coach. Currently session fees are $25/session with a minimum of two sessions per month for 3 months. That is a minimum investment of $150 – to change your outlook. To change your life.