There’s a sentence in the outro of my podcast, Midlife Schmidlife, that reads, “Someday isn’t a day on your calendar, until you put it there.”

That simple sentence packs huge amount of meaning.

“Someday” isn’t between Thursday and Friday and “someday” isn’t “Sunday”, which it could be confused with. But all too often, when we talk about our dreams or what we want for our lives, “someday” becomes the target of when we choose to take action.

Someday, I’ll take that trip to Paris. Someday, I’ll start that business. Someday, I’ll get another job that pays me what I’m worth. Someday, I’ll work on my marriage. Someday, I’ll make that call to apologize to my sister. Someday, I’ll love myself enough to exercise and eat better. Someday, I’ll make that doctor’s appointment.

And in hindsight, I was guilty of this while raising my children: “Someday, I’ll have time to play with the kids 30 more minutes…read them one more story…snuggle in with sticky little fingers and Kool-aid stained kisses, just awhile longer.”

What I wouldn’t give to take back those “someday’s”.


When you use “someday” as a qualifier, you have now left your happiness, your priorities and even your health, up to chance. All of the stars must align just perfectly for these opportunities to begin.

You’ve given up your choice. You’ve allowed outside circumstances to determine your future.

But here’s something to consider: your power isn’t in someday, it’s not in the future. Your power, your choice, your opportunity, is in the “now.”

Time, A Mind-blowing Concept

“Now” is the present moment. It’s what’s happening the very second you read this sentence. The mind-blowing concept of time that rivals the ending of the movie Inception,  teaches us that the present moment becomes the past, 2 seconds or twenty years ago. By the time you finish reading this post, this moment has passed. Just like that, a blink of the eye, a snap of the fingers and you are experiencing a new present moment.

And every single day, we let thousands of present moments pass without intention.

What would life look like if we decided to make “now” the priority?

Even though I’m not a health coach, I most often use healthy living choices as an example because most of us can relate. We all want to be eating better, we all know we should be exercising regularly and often that means even at all.

In this stage in my life, I’m aware that my health should be a priority, but my reasons have changed. In my 20’s, I wanted to look good in a bikini. Now that I’m 50, I’d like to look good in a bikini but my values have shifted.

While looking the best that I can is important my focus is more in taking care of this body, that I have used (and abused) for so many years. I want to be intentional now for the “me + 20 years”; the me who has stronger muscles and bones, less or no medication and lower risks of disease.

If I say that I want to take better care of myself, but will start “someday,” I can pretty much assure you that ten years would slip by and nothing had changed. Believe me when I say that this has happened and maybe this is something you can understand.

But this example isn’t just about my health. Just like the case of my children above, I allowed my “somedays” to dictate the outcome.

I gave away my power and time slipped away until I realized that had to stop giving my present and future away if I wanted to recreate a life of passion and purpose.

So I want to encourage you to think about those “somedays,” the things you have been putting off. Those plans that you’ve been hoping and wishing and thinking and praying, planning and dreaming would happen. (Yes, that’s a little nod to Dusty Springfield).

Small Steps, Big Outcome

What are small steps you can take now?

Can you choose a healthier lunch option? Take a walk at lunchtime?

How about looking up airfare and lodging for Paris to get an idea of a budget? And then draft up the budget?

Read that book that’s been sitting on your bookshelf? Offer coffee to a would-be client to see if your business idea is something of interest? Update your resume and LinkedIn profile? Let the dishes wait and read one more bedtime story?

Do that thing. Take that small step. And then take the next. Continually taking the small steps in the now lead to a future for “you + 20 years” and beyond.

This life of yours wasn’t meant to be pushed off into a future that is out of reach. You were created to be present and engaged, to share your own gifts with those around you. You were meant to have pleasure and fun. Don’t wait…start making that someday list and start taking those steps to turn them into today.

I’d love to hear from you. What “somedays” are you wanting to ditch and take small steps for the now? Leave a comment below for email me at Liz at ElizabethApplegate (dot) com. I can’t wait to read more about the life you will soon be building.