Elizabeth Applegate

Facing life’s transitions can have you wondering who you are, how you got there and where you are headed. Add in milestone birthdays and you can feel totally out of sync. It’s what I call an identity shift.

But here’s what I believe:

  • You can turn “shoulds” that are holding you back into “why nots”.
  • You can rediscover joy and learn what makes you happy – now.
  • That inner mean girl (you know the one) should be given a hug.
  • Self-criticism can become self-love.
  • “Someday” can turn into action, today.
  • Heartbreak can be mended and mistakes forgiven.
  • You can show up each day with wide-eyed wonderment and a heart filled with gratitude.

 What would your life look like with the help of coaching?

  • I see trips to exotic places being planned and dreams being met.
  • Being put first when important decisions are needing to be made.
  • An inner beauty radiating that would make Hollywood starlets envious.
  • Businesses being started, mountains climbed and adventures fulfilled.
  • Shopping at Victoria Secret’s and indulging your deepest desires.
  • New hobbies and skills learned with your gifts being offered to the world.
  • Laughter with friends and loving others with open hearts (including yourself).

I see your life celebrated. Right here, right now with no regrets.

Liz helped me to see that I was best off trusting my intuition and looking inside myself for answers. She also gave me tons of resources and questions to ponder as I went about developing my next steps. Anyone looking to work with Liz should know that they’re getting a kind and loving coach who is adept at listening and walking alongside her client, like a friend or trusted confidant would. I’m so grateful for my coaching relationship with Liz. Addie K. Martin

Freelance Writer, Author, Coach, Addie K, Martin

Ready to turn your “someday” into today?

You don’t have to fumble around and try to figure things out on your own. You can work with a life coach and live a life that lights you up.

Life coaching sessions can help. Think of me as your accountability and thought partner, a trusted friend and maybe even a big sister who will tell you like it is, when needed.

What do coaching sessions look like?

All sessions are held via a conference line at your convenience. It’s you + me in a safe space to explore what may be holding you back and to discover your dreams for the here and now. We will establish a focus of our time together with you in the driver’s seat. Recommendations may be brought up if I see ways that could help but ultimately these sessions are for what you see to be beneficial.

I do believe in a co-created coaching relationship. Meaning, that I can’t make the changes you desire for you. Clients must be willing to take responsibility in their own efforts. As a coach, I act as a guide and walk beside you, sometimes directing but never leading. I ask questions of exploration and at times offer insight. 

If you have questions as to what coaching actually is…you aren’t alone! I wrote a blog post about it here.

In working together you will receive:

  • A detailed questionnaire to start off our time together and define a primary focus.
  • 2-60 minute sessions per month where we work together on reclaiming the “you” you want to be at this time in life.
  • Recordings of our sessions to help you explore our conversations further, if desired.
  • Practices or optional (but encouraged) homework to do between sessions to deepen your discoveries.
  • Email check-ins between sessions to help you stay the course.
  • Best of all, a direction and movement toward making “someday” today.

How much is your investment?

Your investment involves your dedication to doing the work for a 3-month minimum. 2-60 minute sessions each month, every other week. Cost is $200/month. Sessions are booked and billed monthly.

How long would we work together?

I ask for a recommended starting commitment of 3-months, for a total of 6 sessions. At that time, we can explore working together toward your ultimate goals.

Schedule A Complimentary Consultation

Schedule a 30-minute Complimentary Session. Ask questions about services that I offer, learn more about coaching and ways we can work together.

I'm ready!

I want to thank you so much for the coaching, Your follow up email arrived just as I was planning to give my notice and I referred to it several times as sort of a virtual “pep talk”. It really meant a lot. Already a lot of my anxieties have dissipated. I guess that’s because I no longer have to grapple with the decision.

Laura N.