Today is THE day – I am the BIG 5-0!

Or as my husband lovingly puts it, the “Big 5-Oh!”

I could be all freaked out and staring into the mirror with my progressive lenses, counting the additional fine lines that appeared this morning (sigh…). Instead, I decided to celebrate in a special way with you in mind.

I’m opening up my calendar to 50 free coaching sessions*, absolutely no strings attached.

No sales pitches, just conversation.


Honestly, I find that I am craving connection and being able to connect with others through coaching just lights me up. I also want my birthday to be positive and a way I can give back to the world. A way that I can help YOU.

What can we talk about?

That’s up to you! Maybe there is something you feel stuck around or a change you want to make in your life. Here are some ideas:

  • Feeling like you need a purpose because your kids don’t “need” you like they once did.
  • You are longing for more happiness and fun in your life.
  • You are tired of waiting for “some day” but not sure how to get going.
  • You are wanting to start a new business, plan a trip, become a vegan, cut your hair short or any other thing that your friends and family think are crazy.
  • Or maybe, you are wanting to start a new business, plan a trip, become a vegan, cut your hair short or any other thing but your inner mean girl is showing up and saying you aren’t worth it.
  • You are at a crossroads but can’t move forward because you keep looking behind.

One question I would ask is “If you could change one thing in this next year, what would it be?”

THAT is what we could talk about.

What do you have to lose? This 60 minutes together COULD start it happening for you!

Come celebrate with me!

Book a free, no pitch, no-strings attached 60-minute coaching session.

If you have questions:

  • Head over to the Work With Me page to see how coaching works and the benefits of life coaching.
  • What the heck IS life coaching? I wrote a blog post just for you. Give it a read and if that doesn’t answer your questions…
  • Send me an email! Liz(at sign)ElizabethApplegate(dot)com.
  • Just go ahead and schedule a session – what do you have to lose?


*one coaching session per person.