So here’s the deal – I turn 50 in little over a month and I’m not sure how I got here so quickly. It was like I blinked and the last 25 years were on warp speed.

I wish that I could say this doesn’t have me freaked out but honestly, IT HAS ME FREAKED OUT. Not only is it the age, or the speed of time, it’s the whole notion around where I am now.

Just look at how we describe “this time” in life: “half-century”, “midlife”, “over the hill”, “empty-nester”.

Geez! Even the words are negative. Honestly I despise (a strong word for strong emotions) the notion that 1/2 my life is over. It may be. It may even be more than half over but honestly, I’m not ready to wear a house coat and curlers in my hair. This is where I am thinking “midlife schmidlife!” in rebellion.

In this time of grappling with all of this, I want to really challenge myself to share my thoughts and musings as I quickly approach this milestone. So look for the blog post series {Midlife Schmidlife} and come along for the ride. There will be real thoughts and experiences thrown down with (hopefully) a dose of humor. And just a warning, there may even be some colorful language (gasp!). But I trust that you are adult enough to handle it if you are here.

Luckily, I am participating in Brave Blogging with Andrea Scher over at Superhero Life. So my blogging during March will be filled with musings and thoughts that will come from her prompts. It will be a stretch of creativity and vulnerability for me and I hope that you will get something from it as well.

You may be thinking, “Hey, aren’t you a life coach and suppose to be all positive and have your shit together?”

Yes, I am a life coach. But want to know something? I’m kind of tired of the misconception that life coaches are perfect and read self-help books between meditation sessions.

Life coaches live real lives, just like you. And guess what? I even receive life coaching.

If you’ve read my About page, you know how many changes happened for me once I hit 40. It was these changes that were a catalyst to shake up my life, cast away personal assumptions about myself and really work on my outlook and what I wanted out of life. In kind, this is what I want for you, at any age: To know that you are whole and not broken. To know that it is possible to let go of beliefs that we tell ourselves and to redesign a life filled with people and experiences that fill us – not keep us small and dreaming of “some day”.

This countdown to 50 is my way of seeing the humor and the positive; of celebrating the past and boldly reclaiming the future.

Are you ready?

Let’s do this! Read my next {Midlife Schmidlife} post: 25 Random Things About Me.






I’m doing some “crowd sourcing” from my readers and want to ask: By the time someone turns 50, what are some things you feel they (or you) should have in place, have as part of their/your character or have completed?

Whimsical, practical or thought-provoking – all answers are welcome.

Leave a comment below and let me know what comes to mind.