It’s a busy day, and the lateness of the clock isn’t aligning with the amount of work I still have left to do. For some visual motivation and a break from the computer screen, I walk out front and toss the ball for a game of fetch with Ernie, my grand-dog. As I breathe in the fresh air, delight in a wagging tail over simple pleasures and look around, I realize that Spring is here.

Trees are budding, flowers blooming and new birds are visiting my bird feeder.

It’s barely March and we’ve hardly had a Winter to speak of in North Texas. Memories from this time last year are of a snowstorm that shut down the DFW area for a couple of days. Don’t laugh, my snow bunny friends, we don’t know how to handle Winter snow or ice but we can rock 100 degrees for 100 days straight in the Summer.

But I digress. The point is: It’s not technically “time” for Spring.

Yet here is it, unabashedly showing up in full glory without asking permission.

The irony here is that we can’t stop it even when we know that there may still be chances of bad weather later this month.

We can’t put the blooms back into buds or send the songbirds away.

We can’t say to Mother Nature (God, The Universe), “Hey be careful here, remember when we had a late freeze in two-thousand-and-something and all of the flowers died?”.

It doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t work that way for you either.

You can’t stop the blooming any more than blooming asks for permission.

Don’t wait any longer. Even with the possibility of “bad weather” somehow everything works out in time.

Here’s to fully blooming…during any season.



P.S. Just in case you are still waiting, I’m giving you permission.