“What if Wednesday” on a Friday?

Well, what can I say…it’s been one of those weeks.

I know that you can relate: feeling like you are constantly running behind and not even sure what day it is. Usually there are fires to put out and feeling like a ping pong ball volleying for a place to land.

Pile on top of this, the events around the world and the despair of so many. I’ve been feeling sad and fragile while still being open to others hurting around me. Absorbing and permeating the heartbreak, the fear and having it settle into a place of utter sorrow.

Yes, that was my week.

What if today, we found our own pockets of peace.

This term, “pockets of peace” was one that was shared with my husband and I while we were honeymooning in Belize. A backpacker named Desi had asked if she could sit with us one afternoon as we were enjoying the beautiful water and an afternoon cocktail. We gladly welcomed her open spirit and calming presence.

Desi lived a very busy life in Australia and decided to take time away to travel. I’ll never forget her sharing her words of wisdom that “we all need to find our own pockets of peace in this hectic world”. For Desi, traveling alone and meeting others was her pocket of peace.

When I feel crazy, spinning, hopping from one thing to the next, I try to remember to stop in the moment and find my pocket of peace. It can’t always be travel but it can be a cup of herbal tea or like today, 15 minutes of meditation to start my morning where I quieted my mind with deep restorative breath.

And in this time of world turmoil and loudly voiced opinions, a moment to enjoy the sunrise and give thanks for a new day and an offering of a prayer for the healing for many…a pocket of peace that is both grounding and an honor.

How about you? What are some ways you can bring in a pocket of peace into your day? I’d love to here in the comments below.

Pockets of Peace