I’ve been quiet with my business since the Fall of 2016. I love working with my clients, and it’s important that I come from a place of my passion and purpose, just as I help my clients do for their own lives. But I’m going to admit something…I’ve been very hesitant in doing so for my own business. To be honest, with the political atmosphere here in the U.S. as well as a hurting world, I felt that my message was insignificant. How could I have an active inspiring presence when all I wanted to do was shut off my computer and hide? When I have friends who are afraid for their safety, for the status of their marriage, for their healthcare, was I suppose to ignore all of this and go about business as usual? I really just couldn’t. And so I shrank. I became invisible.

My mission is to redefine the term “midlife” and how society sees those of us who have hit the “middle years.” This time of life isn’t when we should shrink more; it’s a time to bloom! The only problem was it wasn’t until working with my coach (yes, even coaches have, or should have coaches!) that I realized I was doing the very same. I was shrinking and not allowing myself to bloom. I was keeping my vision inside and keeping quiet because of the unrest around the world. How in the hell could I expect my clients to do the work that I wasn’t doing myself?

My passion isn’t new if you are a listener to my podcast, Midlife Schmidlife. The weird thing I’ve realized, though, is that the more I gather my confidence and step in a fuller version of myself, and the more I experience the world around us, the more I experience Invisible Woman Syndrome.

You might not have heard this term before, but Invisible Woman Syndrome is a genuine social phenomenon where women in their 40s and 50s “disappear.” The reasons are many – most stem from society’s view of women of this age, especially when they are no longer as a whole deemed as attractive. It’s undeniable in movies, magazines, and television shows, but it’s also noticeable in our own lives. Somehow we are seen with less power, less relevancy and with less to say. It’s quite the opposite for men as they age and this dichotomy often begins to change how we feel about ourselves. The more we hide, the more we keep quiet, the more we retreat.

The more I realize this in my own life, the more I get a fire in my belly that has me ready to take a stand.

Time to quit being invisibleIt’s time for a change.

The old rules that we have followed about who we are and what it means to be a “good girl” need to be kicked to the curb. Being quiet, not asking for what we want or need, not questioning the status quo, not being curious about what more we can become and putting ourselves on the last of our to-do list have all kept us playing small. Most of these rules we’ve told ourselves for over 40 years now. It’s time that we begin questioning how these “shoulds” are keeping us from living a full life.

As I can’t keep playing small myself, I’m fully stepping into helping women reclaim their confidence to recreate their lives and redefine midlife.

What to Expect Now

This laser-tight direction has me streamlining my online presence so that I can focus more on my clients. I’m concentrating on fewer social media platforms, Facebook wins for my free group, Schmidlife Sisterhood. I love the community we are building mixed in with fun and who knows, maybe even a spontaneous dance party mixed in from time to time. I’ve also been loving the drama-less feeling of being on Instagram and you can find more of my day-to-day life there.

I’m returning my coaching back to this website with the podcast on its own site. It’s hard for a multi-passionate person as myself to get it sorted out so that it makes sense for everyone. My goal is to eventually have one hub, but for now, I’m keeping it easy to connect with me in ways my clients find me: through blog posts and videos here and my podcast at MidlifeSchmidlife.com.

In other good news, after many requests to be a guest and even more requests as to what happened to the show, The Midlife Schmidlife Podcast, Season 2.1 launched the end of June 2017. I couldn’t be happier with the guest interviews that are lined up. You can expect the shows to be bi-weekly-ish as I work through production times. Just a reminder, you’ll be able to listen to the podcast from the website, but you can also subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and I Heart Radio for on-the-go listening.

What’s Coming Next

As my passion for helping women has grown, I’ve noticed three groups of women that I tend to help the most: 1) Those who are soon-to-be empty nesters and want to develop tools to help them handle the quickly changing landscape in their homes (and their hearts) 2) Women over the age of 40, experiencing a life transition,  who are trying to figure out “who they want to be when they grow up” and 3) Women over the age of 40 who have had a long-ignored dream and are ready to turn that “maybe someday into today.”

Within the next few months, I’ll be finalizing packages to work with each of these groups where I’ll be combining my own experience, my extensive training, and what I’ve gained from working with past clients. Look for individual and group programs with a plan for future day-retreats to be held in the Dallas-area soon. And to round out a dream of mine, weekend retreats are on the horizon.

The past eight months may have been quiet for my business, but I couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming changes and focus. If you’d like to stay on top of what’s coming up next and learn more about my upcoming opportunities, be sure to join the Schmidlife Sisterhood.

I can’t change whats going on in the world, none of that has changed. I still need to watch the energy that I allow in and the energy that I share. But I know that the passion that I have and the vision that I want for all us is larger than discontent and anger that I see. I want to focus on sharing kindness and helping women, like you, reclaim your passion and purpose. I can’t wait for us all to step out of the shadows and share ourselves with the world. Together we can make a collective difference.