Love + Praise

I really enjoyed working with Liz. She is a woman with a true servant’s heart. She is always trying to find ways to be helpful and improve the world around her. She is also very knowledgeable about the latest technology trends and how to use it effectively in communications. She is truly a blessing to those she works with!

~Erika Dorsey. Owner, Hairball Creative


Liz handles her work promptly. It is done accurately and she often adds a bit of flair to make it more valuable. She has creative ideas and is willing to bring them to the table. She has a passion for communication that is well done, the ability to think through situations and problems, and a work ethic to accomplish whatever is assigned on time.

~ Deb Christian, UMR Communications



Liz is an outstanding communicator and assistant! She understands how to connect with people, tell ‘the story’, organize campaigns, network in the community and utilize social media in a helpful way. She is responsible, proactive and committed. Her work is never just a job, it’s a calling.” ~Bishop Gary Mueller, United Methodist Church



Liz is a leader and has an appetite to grow and learn and not be satisfied with the status quo. Liz has grown over the years into a knowledgeable and valuable resource for any organization she works for. I would highly recommend Liz as on of those people you can trust to “get it done”. Patrick Steil. Owner ChurchBuzz


Liz Applegate is one of the most organized and dedicated workers I have had the pleasure of working with. She has many talents, especially in the world of Marketing and Social Media. As an owner of a sales company and having served as Mayor of Plano, Tx I have worked and supervised a large number of people and having worked with Liz, I strongly recommend her.

 ~Jeran Akers, President and CEO, Akers & Associates, Inc.



Liz brings a refreshing dose of creativity to her role,
both from a design and marketing perspective. She has a hard-to-find ability to move organizations and functions forward, while maintaining good relations and harmony. I enjoyed working with Liz, and continue to seek her out because of her solid marketing judgement.

~ Laurie Shook, CC Portfolio Leader/(Director of IP Telephony), Verizon (MCI)