Dreams. We all have them but most often they are put on the back-burner for “someday”.

But the problem with “someday” is it’s often surrounded with so many qualifiers: when the kids get older, when you have enough money, after you buy a house or not now, I just bought a house. On and on an on.

Want to know what I’m thinking? That most “somedays” never come.

I was faced with my “someday” dream in my mid-40’s when I realized that I had wanted to be an entrepreneur since second grade.

I remember spending afternoons with my best friend drawing elaborate plans of the horse ranches we would own – right next to each other, of course. Her family owned horses so I was able to research and learn about the breeds that I loved (Palominos and Paints). My friend and I had detailed maps of our properties and would plot out the barns and ponds. I drew where my house would be, the number of bedrooms and which rooms were overlooking the water. There were ducks, dogs, cats and bunnies – all with the number of each and added to our plans. This was an ongoing project for us, not just a one-off afternoon. We colored and researched and planned as much as two little girls could after school and rainy weekends. I had no idea how to raise horses or keep ducks but looking back at my wide-eyed 7-year-old, a perfect dream was born.

Still with no knowledge of owning horses, I’d still love to own a ranch but through the years what really stayed with me was the dream of working for myself. Just like the process of imagining my dream ranch, the planning, building and creating were what really inspires me still to this day.

In 2013, I realized that this dream of mine was in hiding, waiting for the “someday” that never had come. So I decided to make a change, dust of the dream and take steps to make it happen. I began small, looking at the gifts that I had and ways that I could help others. I began using my years in project management, marketing and communication to help friends and organizations. I offered free advice and enjoyed helping those in need. This really wasn’t a business, it was more of a hobby at this point but I realize it was the first step that I needed.

During this time, a real fire was lit. What I wanted for my life and for what I stood for became a reality and I knew that I needed to move to the next level of taking real action to build a business that could be financially viable and offer the location freedom that I craved.

I’ll be honest, it was scary to put myself out there, seek out clients and begin setting prices for my services. To add to my training and allowing my services to grow, I also enrolled in a holistic  coaching course to become a certified life coach.

Nine months later, I turned in my resignation from my 9-to-5 with a handful of wonderful clients and have been a full-time business owner ever since. As an added bonus, this past October, I finished my coaching certification with the Courageous Coaching Training Program and am now taking steps to making that dream come true.

Looking back, I realize how the seeds that were planted at age 7 have now flowered. I took small steps, adjusted as I went and put my dream into action.

It’s because of my own experiences that I am so excited to have been invited to be a presenter at the Dream Into Action Virtual Retreat, November 13 – 15. This is a virtual weekend, meaning you can join us in your pj’s, in the comfort of your own home. I’ll be joining 9 other talented speakers and presenters that I am so very honored to work with. There will be interactive presentations with words of wisdom and exercises that will allow your dream to come to life. You can expect video, chat, coaching and small groups just like a live retreat but in the convenience of your weekend.

My presentation topic on Friday is “Why now?”.  And my question to you today is: why not now? Why not take the first step toward turning your dream into action?

Maybe your dream isn’t to be an entrepreneur. Maybe it’s to learn to paint or start a blog. Maybe it’s perform on stage or go back to college. Play guitar or live a fully connected life. Whatever your dream is – it deserves that someday become today. The sky is limit to your dreams but only if you put them into action.

More info about the retreat can be found at http://www.dreamintoactionretreat.com/

And I have a special treat for you, $5 off the registration, when you use code: DREAM5 at checkout.

I would love to see you at the retreat. I would love to help set that dream into action.

Dream into Action Retreat

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link allowing me to earn part of the proceeds if you purchase a spot to the Dream Into Action Virtual Retreat.