As I welcomed this morning – April 4, 2015 – I whispered “Welcome to year 49” and then sat back in pure amazement that I yes, I am actually 49 frickin’ years old. An age that seemed old when my own parents were here – and geez it didn’t seem that long ago.

Its funny how our perspective in our 40’s change.

Though I started my 40’s off with great anticipation, I’ll be honest in saying that my 40’s have not been what I thought they would be. There has been loss of people I loved, a lot of change and learning to let go. And frankly a lot of decisions that I am not sure were the best to make.

But its also in these moments that I have realized the good and positive. I can celebrate the growth of acceptance of who I am, crows feet, cellulite and all. And its even been in the last few years that I have fully accepted my age – not in a negative way but in fully accepting my potential and the many ways my life is just beginning.

But this birthday isn’t just about me – its about you as well.

YOU have dreams that you have pushed aside for others. YOU have a career that you put on hold while caring for your family. YOU have a burning desire to be more, to do more, to see more, to love yourself more.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to think about those things? When was the last time you opened your mind to the possibility that YOU could live a life that you loved – not just moments of your life but a life that fills you with passion and has you craving for more?

You are more than a number on a calendar and a number on a scale – and the world needs you.

So lets have April 4, 2015 be our Tada! birthday – a time we when we begin a new season of laughter, joy, love and no more sitting on the sidelines.

So, happy birthday to YOU – lets blow out the candles and instead of making a wish – lets make it happen.