**What is a virtual assistant?

Plain and simple, a virtual assistant is someone who puts their expertise to work for you while working remotely. Meaning, you may not see them everyday and you may never meet them in person.

It’s a strange concept for some people but when you think about it, everything than can be managed by computer and Internet connection can be handled remotely.

Some Virtual Assistants (or VA’s) can help with e-mails, scheduling, travel plans. While others can handle more graphics or web design.

My focus is on social media & Internet marketing, but I certainly have been known to pull together some kick-butt travel itineraries, set up websites and even dabble in graphic design.

Here are some FAQ’s about hiring me as a VA:

Q. Do you only work for churches and pastors?
A. No – I work for anyone who has integrity and respects the work that I do. I’m all for making the world a better place and I work for those who have a passion for doing so. My experience in working with churches and non-profits gives me an understanding to the field that many people would not have but I certainly feel this experience can be useful for many other industries.

Q. How much do you charge?
A. My rate is $35/hour and I require a purchase of a 5-hour blocks that never expire. Most jobs I am hired for are combined into monthly packages that start at $350/month. Contact me for more information.

Q. What can I hire you to help me with?
A. My expertise is in social media and Internet marketing but I have many skills that can help you do your job better and free your time to take care of the parts of your job that you love. A more extensive list can be found here but please contact me even if you don’t see what you need listed. If I can’t help you, I am part of a wonderful VA community and have many friends I have worked with and trust.

Have another question? Shoot me an e-mail or join my on Facebook or Twitter.

All superheroes need a side-kick  and I’d be honored to help you make the world a better place.