You can go through your day-to-day thinking you are too fat, too thin, too young, too old, too loud, too timid, too much, not enough. Whatever it is, you are never “that”, what you feel you should be. Never risking, never reaching, never trying. Always wanting.

But what if today, you were enough. Today, you not only said that you were enough but you also **felt** that you were enough.

How would your day look different if you filled yourself with “enough” thoughts? Would being enough allow you to do one thing on you “want to” list? What would you be enough to do?

  • Would you ask for that raise or apply for that promotion?
  • Would you sign up for the painting class or dig out your old roller skates?
  • Would you look into that trip to Paris or clean out the guest room and offer an invitation?
  • Would you take a walk outside? Or clean out the junk food that is hidden for only you to find?
  • Would you explore starting your own business or maybe raise your prices in your existing one?
  • Would you look in the mirror with pride and compassion or tell someone that you love them?

Just one thing on your list…what if you did that today.

Instead of feeling as if you are lacking, maybe today can be the start of living like you are brimming.

Start today. Start living enough.

“What If Wednesday’s” are meant to be bite-sized reads that spur conversation and exploration. I’d love to hear your thoughts by commenting below. ~Liz