Work with Me

The intersection of who you were then…

who you are now…

and who you want to become.

I am a woman who has reclaimed my identity many times in my life:

  • After filing for bankruptcy in my mid-20’s.
  • After having my first child and suffering from postpartum depression.
  • After realizing that my lifelong dream of being a mom didn’t fulfill every part of who I was.
  • After the divorce with my first husband and father of my children at age 39.
  • After remarriage and becoming a stepmom.
  • After my own children grew and flew the nest.
  • After undergoing a hysterectomy at age 46 and thus ushering in a new phase of who I was as a woman.
  • After turning 50, not liking the negative messaging around “midlife” and realizing it was time to begin playing bigger in my life.

Through these transitions I realized this:

  • I was often still living by good girl rules that were keeping me small.
  • I had lost touch with my values, the very essence of what made me, me.
  • I was ”shoulding” on where I was and the choices I needed to make.
  • I didn’t think I had options in who I was during my process.
  • I felt very alone.

My guess is, this is why you are here now.

You are at a crossroads, looking for support, ready for hope and ready to not feel so alone.

You ARE in the right place.

Transitions in life can have us wondering who we are and how we got here. It’s in this intersection of past, present and future where we can feel as if our identity is buried or worse, lost.

I do have have good news for you though, you can move through this time of transition with choice and with hope. You can build toward a future and reclaim who you are right now.

In working together, you will learn:

  • Your strengths and values.
  • How fear is holding you back.
  • How the voices of self-doubt and fear (that pesky inner mean girl) is showing up and your process when this fear arises.
  • How to tap into your inner wisdom to make clear decisions.
  • How to move forward in creating a life you dream of waking up to each morning.

I promise you…it’s possible.

To work together, I offer 1:1 coaching, online women’s circles, in-person workshops and weekend retreats (coming soon!). My most popular way to move forward is through the personalized attention my clients receive through 1:1 coaching sessions.

1:1 Coaching Details

I schedule coaching on a per month basis that includes two 60-minute sessions. These sessions are scheduled and billed each month. We’ll map out an individualized plan together that may include book recommendations and bite-sized “homework” to work into your daily life between sessions. There is also an option of unlimited email or Voxer support. Investment: $299/month.

Clients with the greatest success work with me for a minimum of 3 months. But the option is always yours. The longer our relationship, the more we get to explore together.

Interested in working with me 1:1? Here’s how to get started.

Step 1. Schedule a no-obligation Hello Session. This complimentary 60-minute session will give you taste of what it’s like to receive coaching and working with me. Click here, answer the required questions and schedule your session.

Step 2. Watch your email for a confirmation email with call-in details.

Step 3. At the scheduled time of your Hello Session, we’ll hop on a conference call line (you’ll receive the call info in Step 2 and 2 additional reminder emails) together and you’ll receive coaching on a particular subject you want help around.

Step 4. After the session you can ask questions about us working together and if we both feel that we are a good match, you’ll receive further information on signing up and scheduling your sessions.

Have questions? Email me at liz{at}

Set Up a Hello Session

This complimentary 60-minute session will give you taste of what it’s like to receive coaching and working with me. Go ahead…book one today!

No one can expect to grow without mentoring, structure, and support. Liz offers the right balance of listening, empathy, feedback and patience to clarify where you are now, and what direction you want to take.

Deborah Shannon Warner

Coaching with me is designed for the woman who

  • Is willing to try something new even if it isn’t always comfortable
  • Is ready for change and do the work to make it happen
  • Commits to making a real investment in herself — of time, money, work and can own the idea “I’m worth it.”
  • Has a sense of humor and playfulness
  • Sees herself (or wants to see herself) as an explorer, a seeker

Coaching with me isn’t for the woman who

  • Dogmatically holds to inflexible ideas and has closed her mind to change
  • Isn’t ready to look at self-limiting beliefs that may be holding her back
  • Seeks a fast fix or a magic pill
  • Can’t or won’t ever laugh at herself
  • Isn’t sure she is ready to hire me. I only want to work with those who are a full-body, “Hell Yes!”

Set Up a Hello Session

This complimentary 60-minute session will give you taste of what it’s like to receive coaching and working with me. Go ahead…book one today!

My little family of 4 hit an unexpected a rough spot and I’m honestly not sure how I would’ve kept my business afloat and take care of myself and loved ones without the coaching, guidance & compassion that Liz provided. She helped me step back and see the pattern in my reactions and the stories I was telling myself that weren’t helpful (or even true). With her help, I’m now able to recognize when those patterns are showing up and quell them before they take hold. Incredibly powerful (and empowering). I’m so very grateful.
Hélène Scott