Have you ever noticed how often you ready for a situation – even before it happens? Dukes up (metaphorically speaking) ready to deflect any confrontation, criticism and “fighting-words” – or at least what we perceive to be.

What if today, you put down the boxing gloves?

I’m curious, what is your first reaction when reading this? More defensiveness? Indignation? Fear?

I understand. There have been people in your life that have hurt and let you down. It’s normal to want to protect ourselves from further hurt. But often when we are in a defensive stance it’s not only the hurt we protect ourselves from – it’s the love and acceptance that we are also keeping out.

You can’t shut down one part of yourself without shutting out the others. We can cling to our ideals with clenched fists and jaws refusing to let go only to have beauty and goodness deflect off our self-imposed armor.

I know it’s hard to do – to be open and vulnerable. But it starts in small steps of awareness: the running indignation you have in your head in case your boss disagrees with the direction of your project – which may or may not happen. The rehearsed reaction you have for your spouse “if” they do or say something offending. The snippy email shot back when a friend has to cancel dinner plans when you really needed someone to talk to.

Awareness. It starts there and with practice can be followed with a breath and a centering, an exploration of the stories we have running through our head of being a truth or a type of self-protection.

It takes practice. It really does. But the lightness of not carrying around the boxing gloves is so worth it.

What if today, you put down the boxing gloves?xoxo,